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Chronicare’s comprehensive solution can have an impact on different stakeholders in a variety of ways.



In addition to the overwhelming and increasing financial burden that diabetes has placed on employers, it also has had a significant adverse impact on employee productivity and absenteeism.  Employees with diabetes face a difficult challenge in trying to self-manage a disease that often involves challenging dosing regimens, particularly for those using insulin.  Chronicare can help provide patients with timely coaching and support to promote better adherence to their medication regimen.  Chronicare combines its easy-to-use platform with one-on-one training and support as needed to ensure that those initiating the Chronicare service know exactly what to do and how to use it.  Chronicare customer support ensures that employees are successfully on-boarded in a manner that is most comfortable for the employee (e.g., messaging, phone, video).


health Plans

In a recent survey, 93% of managed care plans reported having adherence programs focused specifically on diabetes.  Diabetes has also been identified as the #1 therapeutic focus area for managed care.  Unfortunately, real-world data indicates that patients with diabetes are not attaining glycemic targets, and that medication adherence is only about 50% - 60%, regardless of whether the treatment is an oral pill or an insulin injection.  Chronicare can help health plans improve their patients’ engagement, medication adherence and overall satisfaction, while attaining the clinical results often demonstrated in clinical studies, but rarely realized in real- world settings.  Chronicare’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is a holistic approach that combines technology and coaching support, along with a value-based financial approach.  A PMPM subscription fee is coupled with specific clinical targets for glycemic control (e.g., A1C targets) that must be met, ensuring health economic alignment between key stakeholders. 


Health Systems / Health Care Providers

As health systems continue to take on more financial risk for their patients, it is increasingly important that they have the most cost-effective tools to manage patients throughout the care continuum.  Chronicare can assist in supporting patient care outside of the health system facilities through its comprehensive, high-tech, high-touch service.  Specifically, Chronicare can help promote patient engagement and medication adherence, while providing the health system with reporting and insights into its patient population.  Through the use of its connected platform, Chronicare can help operationalize the clinically validated dosing guidance that HCPs often provide to patients, but that are generally not followed.  As a result of improved medication adherence, patient outcomes and satisfaction will be improved, and health systems will be more successful in managing their increasing financial risk.


Disease Management and Population Health companies

Disease management and population health companies play an important role in working to improve health economic outcomes.  They are often directly connected to patients, and are in a unique position to coordinate care and improve adherence to recommended treatment regimens.  As such, they deserve the best tools available to accomplish their objectives.  The Chronicare platform can be leveraged by these companies to improve patient engagement, data capture, medication adherence and overall population health.   



Patients with chronic diseases like diabetes must spend significant time and effort in self-managing their disease.  In particular, those using insulin must comply with a challenging and often confusing dosing regimen that can change frequently.  Fear of hypoglycemia poses a further challenge as many patients “under dose” their insulin to avoid the potential low blood sugar that can occur from too much insulin.  As a result, patients often return with lab results (HbA1C) that have not improved, despite the increased time and effort applied to managing their diabetes.  Chronicare can help provide patients with the tools and assistance necessary to improve their glycemic control and overall health.  Chronicare assists patients in on-boarding so that there is no confusion about what to do and how to use the Chronicare service.  Timely reminders, relevant messages, educational support, and additional oversight by health coaches can provide patients with the much-needed ongoing supplemental support necessary to do a better job at managing their diabetes.  The additional patient care information captured by Chronicare can be shared with patients’ HCPs to ensure care is properly coordinated.