The Chronicare Connect service utilizes a combination of Bluetooth-connected devices, a mobile application, cloud-based analytics & artificial intelligence, and patient-focused coaching.

The combination of high-technology, intuitive software and best-in-class coaching services will help support patients to adhere to their medication regimen at the right time, at the right amounts, and with the right level of support and motivation to meet their health outcome goals.


Connected Devices | Mobile App & Web Portal | Coaching Services


Connected Devices

Chronicare Insulin Pen Cap

Chronicare Smart Insulin Pen Cap

The Chronicare Smart Insulin Pen Cap is a novel device that converts existing disposable plastic insulin pens into smart devices.

The smart pen cap uses magnetic sensors and algorithms to capture important insulin dose information in real-time and transmits via Bluetooth to the Chronicare app and secure cloud environment. The reusable cap is currently compatible with Lilly's Kwikpen, and will be compatible with the other leading insulin pen platforms from Novo Nordisk and Sanofi.

Chronicare Smart Glucose Meter

Chronicare Smart Glucose Meter

The Chronicare Smart Glucose Meter uses the latest Bluetooth Smart communication technology to ensure seamless and consistent data transfer. 

The Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter produces accurate results and transmits them wirelessly to the Chronicare Mobile App. It's small, portable design makes it easy to store or carry as needed.

Chronicare Smart Pill Bottle Cap

Chronicare Smart Pill Bottle Cap

The Chronicare Smart Pill Bottle Cap monitors opening and closing of standard pill bottles as a means to capture pill usage. The cap is placed onto the patient's pill bottle, replacing the standard cap from the pharmacy.

The cap utilizes Bluetooth Smart technology to send pill usage information wirelessly to the Chronicare Mobile App. The app can send reminders, summaries and other useful information to patients. Information such as usage summaries and alerts are available to coaches on the Chronicare Coaching Portal.

Mobile App & Web Portal

Chronicare Mobile App

Chronicare Mobile App

The Chronicare Mobile App is an intuitive and powerful app that promotes patient engagement and medication adherence.

The app connects a patient directly with Chronicare health coaches, providing a platform for high-tech, high-touch care. It provides patients with real-time feedback, such as messages, reminders, and alerts based on data integration and artificial intelligence. Health coaches can also send patients relevant messages, educational videos and other valuable health information via the app. 

Additionally, dosing algorithms may be applied, utilizing the real-time insulin and/or blood glucose data to help determine or confirm future insulin dosing and provide this information to the patient via the mobile application. The app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems as well as certain Bluetooth scales, blood pressure cuffs and other home medical devices.

Chronicare Coaching Portal

Chronicare Coaching POrtal

The Chronicare Coaching Portal is a web-based interface that streamlines patient data collection and analysis, reporting and workflow; enabling effective population health management in a timely and efficient manner.

This intuitive platform is accessible by the entire healthcare team, and is designed to provide real-time and actionable insights to coaches and HCP's.  The portal also allows coaches to analyze populations, prioritizing tasks and patient interventions in an efficient manner.

Coaching Services

Chronicare Health Coaches

Chronicare Health Coaches

Health coaches will help patients and support them in managing their medication adherence, and can use the portal to monitor patient progress real-time, empowering them or other designated health care providers to select timely and appropriate interventions.

Artificial intelligence assists coaches in identifying opportunities for optimizing treatment. Coaches can also use the platform to select and offer targeted educational tools and resources, further promoting patient engagement.